Top Reasons You Will Need Pest Control this Fall/Winter

September 19, 2019

Many homeowners make the mistake of only focusing on pest control during the spring and summertime, but focusing on pest control in the fall and winter can save you a headache when the weather warms up again. 


Prevention is the best way to control pests, and the best time to do this is before the pests become a problem. Here’s why you should invest in pest control this fall/winter:


It Saves You Money

Just because you primarily see insects and rodents during the summertime, it does not mean they magically disappear when the weather cools off. In fact, insects and rodents are even more likely to seek shelter in the depths of your home when it is cold outside because your home provides a warm space for them to live and breed. Eliminating those spots where insects and rodents can live is crucial to preventing them from taking up residence in your home. To do that, be sure to eliminate all moisture sites in your home, like leaky pipes and clogged drain and install door sweeps and new window screens to physically bar these pests from getting inside your home. Taking these small preventative measures on the front end is significantly cheaper than having to take drastic measures to exterminate these pests once they have already taken up residence. 


It is More Effective

Using a pesticide in the summertime will definitely kill many of the pests that have taken up residence in your home, but it will not kill all of them. No matter how great your Houston pest control service is, they cannot guarantee that every pest will be taken care of once those pests have infested your home. However, if you work with your local Houston pest control service to stop the pests from becoming a problem in the first place, your efforts will be more effective in the long-term. Also, pest control is not something you can do once and forget about. You need to be vigilant about keeping up your preventative measures throughout the year for your efforts to be the most effective. 


You’ll Thank Yourself Later

There is no worse feeling than finding a termite or rodent infestation in your home in the middle of the summer. Even if you call your local Houston pest control professional to come in right away, these pests may still have done expensive damage to your home. Yet, if you address the problem before it even starts, you will thank yourself in the warmer months when your friends and neighbors are dealing with pest infestations while you rest assured knowing that it is fully under control.