Tools All Homeowners With Trees in Their Yard Should Have

March 4, 2019

Consider your most difficult landscaping challenge. Then decide what equipment you want to invest in first. Here are a few ideas from the Top Notch Turf team.


We provide tree and shrub trimming services all over central Arkansas. Our goal is to keep up with the ever-changing vegetation that takes over your lawn. We will get your landscaping beautiful — and pest free!

You are a sucker for a clean green lawn.

A beautiful green lawn is no easy feat, but the rewards are worth it. Getting up on a spring morning and seeing your yard green as can be is a dream that is not too far out of your reach.


You’ll need an aerator, sweeper, edger, a disperse system for fertilizer and herbicides, and more. Your lawn care schedule will have you prepping the ground before, during, and after grass growing season.


Save on your budget and garage space by getting a tool that can multitask. The Yard Boss® from Stihl is a great option. It is a cultivator that comes with attachments to turn it into an aerator, sweeper, edger and more.


A good lawn sweeper is a dream come true for those who appreciate a clean green lawn. It will pick up wet and dry debris in your yard. Whether you are cleaning up after a storm or cleaning up debris you left behind doing other yard work.

You have lots of debris.

Got leaves, sticks, or other kinds of brush blowing into your yard on a regular basis? You are not alone. Many Arkansas residents experience the same problem.


Thankfully, this is a problem that can be turned into a solution. All that clutter coming to your yard can be turned into mulch for your garden. We recommend investing in a good leaf shredder or a wood chipper — it depends on how hefty the debris is. This will turn debris into controlled mulch. Just don’t forget to wear your safety glasses.

Your landscape requires tree and shrub care.

If your landscaping has decorative trees and/or shrubs, lawn care can get a little complicated. Decorative plants are a little more delicate than the grass on your lawn. You’ll need a hedge trimmer. We recommend getting a hedge trimmer that vacuums up debris as you trim. You can then take the collected debris to your mulch pile. Easy!  


A good chainsaw will also be handy. You want to be prepared for the larger jobs your landscape will need over time.

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