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Lawn Services | Sun Safety Tips While You Enjoy Your Lawn

Ready for a summer on your beautiful lawn? You’ve invested in your lawn by hiring Top Notch Turf and Pest to take of your lawn and provide other yard services. It’s time to enjoy your efforts.   Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun! If Top Notch Turf and Pest...

3 Tips For Hosting The Best BBQ Of The Summer

Arkansas is no stranger to critters. During the summer we deal with all the pests and critters you can imagine. Right outside your home! Your lawn can be immaculate, but rendered completely un-enjoyable due to pests.   That’s why we recommend pest control to all our...

Pros and Cons Of These 3 Natural Pest Control Solutions

As a Pest Control Service, Top Notch Turf wants to do everything we can to keep your home free of pests and harmful chemicals.   We understand that many homeowners prefer DIY solutions to pests. These solutions are great for a quick fix or small preventative...

Fun Games To Enjoy Your Beautiful Lawn In The Summer

Here are some fun, summer games you can play in your lawn. With some professional lawn care and a little pest control, who wouldn’t want to get out and enjoy it!   1. Take almost any game and make it larger. Take games like Jenga and Kerplunk to a whole new...

Tools All Homeowners With Trees in Their Yard Should Have

Consider your most difficult landscaping challenge. Then decide what equipment you want to invest in first. Here are a few ideas from the Top Notch Turf team.   We provide tree and shrub trimming services all over central Arkansas. Our goal is to keep up with the...

Get Ready For Mosquito Season | Pest Control Company

As the weather gets warmer, pest control companies expect two things: rain and mosquitoes. The warmer weather and standing water from the rain creates the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed and scatter.   Protect your family, yourself, and your home from...

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