The Reason A Yard Service Company Fertilizes Shrubs Before Spring

February 7, 2019

As a yard service company, we want our customer’s shrubs to spend the whole season thriving.  We fertilize shrubs in the brisk weather of early spring so that your shrubs are met with nutrients when they wake up. Timing is important to get the most out of every application of fertilizer.


When spring comes around, it is time to start preparing for new growth on your shrubs. Shrubs need fertilizer before any new growth can start to appear. This is the perfect time to fertilize. Right as the new growth starts taking hold, it is met with all the nutrients it needs to grow lush and vibrant.

Then we watch the weather.

Yard work is subject to one of the most unpredictable threats on earth; the weather. It can benefit your shrubs, or saturate it with heavy rain, rinsing the fertilizer out of the dirt.


At Top Notch Turf, we know what we are up against. Our team is always on the move around central Arkansas and Huston, TX. We are ready for rain, that unexpected freeze that shows up around Valentine’s day, your neighbor’s sprinklers running too long, when the new puppy learns how to dig, and more.

Our fertilizers.

By hiring a yard service, you can expect commercial-grade fertilizers that will work. Many home and business owners save money by not having to guess which fertilizer is right for the time of year and growth. We know what to use because we are familiar with Arkansas and Houston, TX yard conditions.


We also keep an eye on the fertilizer industry to make sure we are using the best. The chemicals we spray on your lawn need to be safe for the environment, for your family, and for your pets. The extra effort to read reports and ratings pays off in knowing you and your family can get the most enjoyment out of your yard.

Ready to start fertilizing?

Now is a great time to start! Give us a call at (501)-607-1991 for Arkansas and (281)-796-9600 for Houston, TX. We’ll give you an estimate for our yard services.