4 Popular Flowering Shrubs For Arkansas

June 25, 2019

These beautiful shrubs can take your yard from boring to stunning. Here are a few flowering shrubs we see doing well in central Arkansas. 


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1. Azaleas 

More specifically the Piedmont Azalea, Hoary Azalea, Indica Azalea, and Native Azaleas. These flowering shrubs are perfect for Arkansas yards. Azaleas typically bloom before the summer starts. Indicating that the cold weather should be on its way out. 

Azalea shrubbery is easy to maintain. It can get rather large (around 12 feet) so it is important to have a pruning plan in place when you plant it. The sun isn’t much of a problem, but azaleas do appreciate a little shade. The soil they are planted in is more important to their health. The need good, not-to-dry, rich, acidic soil to thrive. 

Azaleas are known for their bright beautiful colors. A perfect shrub to accent your home landscaping. 


2. Crape Myrtles

Dwarf Crape Myrtles are a favorite for many Arkansas landscapes. This is a small-ish, tree-like shrub that blooms in the summer. When in full bloom, Dwarf Crape Myrtles add beautiful colors and texture to landscapes. Their colors range between bright shades of pink, purple, and red. 

What makes these crape myrtles perfect for Arkansas? They love the sun! They are also relatively easy to maintain. No need for the landscaper to spend too much time outdoors in the summer. 


3. Gardenias

This sweet-smelling white flower loves Arkansas’ hot summer sun. They can stay out full time in direct sunlight. They bloom in the spring and are known for their sweet scent. A gardenia shrub usually won’t grow any larger than four feet. 

There are two types of gardenias that thrive in Arkansas. The most significant difference between the “Daisy” gardenia and the “Creeping” gardenia is ground coverage. The “Creeping” gardenia gets its name from its tendency to grow wide, not tall. This plant is rarely above two feet. 

Both strains of gardenias are considered a dwarf because of their smaller flower size. 


4. Hydrangeas

Looking for a statement shrub? Hydrangeas are your best bet. Their flowers bloom in beautiful ball-like clusters. While they do need their shade, hydrangeas are relatively low-maintenance once they are fully grown. The size of a hydrangea depends on what strain they are from. An Oakleaf strain can grow six feet tall and span up to nine feet wide. 

Hydrangeas bloom in the summer. Their bloom timing and the size of their flower clusters make for quite the statement. Most hydrangeas come in colors ranging from white, blue, pink, and red. The Oakleaf hydrangea usually only blooms in white.


Shrub Pruning Services

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