Pros and Cons Of These 3 Natural Pest Control Solutions

April 22, 2019

As a Pest Control Service, Top Notch Turf wants to do everything we can to keep your home free of pests and harmful chemicals.


We understand that many homeowners prefer DIY solutions to pests. These solutions are great for a quick fix or small preventative measures.

 We step in if a DIY pest control solutions are not enough. Bugs are tough, especially here in the natural state of Arkansas. If you’ve got a pest problem, give us a call! We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the pest control products we use.

Find your unused spray bottles and let’s get started! Here are three common natural pest control solutions and our pros and cons for each.


1. Diatomaceous Earth.

This naturally-occurring rock powder has the power to get rid of a lot of bad things. Pests are no exception. Even the armor-like exoskeleton roaches have can be punctured by this dirt.

 Pros: Diatomaceous is safe. It can be vacuumed up once the pest problem has been solved.

 Cons: It is a slow death when it comes to clearing out roaches. And you could be left watching the final scene.

 After treating an area with roaches you could start seeing more roaches as they crawl out in search of water, slowly dehydrating to death. It takes roughly two weeks for diatomaceous earth to effectively kill off the roaches in the area.


2. Garlic.

Some of y’all have never had garlic bread made with hotdog buns and it shows.

 A basket of texas toast garlic bread will get everyone to the table in a heartbeat. Many of us love the smell and taste of garlic. Many bugs do not feel the same. For example, some garlic cloves between the boards of your deck can help keep ants off.

 Garlic can even repel mosquitos. A mixture of one part garlic juice and five parts water is an effective, natural, bug spray. Put the solution in a spray bottle. Shake it. Spray it on your skin just like you would any other bug spray.

 The DIY repellent will help keep mosquitos off you for up to six hours.

 Pros: Most of us love the scent of garlic. It reminds us of home cooked goodness and comfort. It is very common, so in a pinch you can probably find some in the kitchen.

 Cons: Have you ever put a clove of garlic between your toes? Many pro-natural products use this experiment to help us understand how chemicals interact with our bodies. The Allicin molecules in garlic allows it to permeate your skin and travel through your body via your vascular system.

 This DIY solution could leave you smelling garlic and tasting garlic long after the six hours are up.


3. Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

Ants. They are the pinnacle of effective teamwork and communication.  Your kitchen could be sparkly clean and they would still find something to snack on. Then go back and tell the rest of their colony. Many kitchens have suffered a line of ants marching towards their newfound treasure.

 While they might be stubborn little buggers, we have found a few natural ingredients that keep them away. Here are a few things ants don’t like.

  • Cucumbers.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Salt.
  • Citric extracts like lemon juice.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Mint tea. Use dry mint tea bags, crushed mint leaves or cloves to keep ants away and leave your kitchen with a fresh smell.
  • Soapy water.

 Pros: The average kitchen owner is bound to have at least one of these items in their kitchen — hopefully at least the soap. Pick and choose your ant deterrent based on your leftovers or scent preferences.

 Cons: Using these ingredients on your floors and kitchen counters could leave a mess. These repellents are also not recommended for mass application.