Pest Control Program at TNT

December 17, 2018

What do You Get With a TNT Pest Control Program?

Our quarterly pest control consists of four treatments spaced apart at 85-90 days. We spray the perimeter of the home including the eves and around the doors and windows. We will treat the inside of the garage at no extra charge if it is accessible the day of treatment. We dust all weep holes with insecticide and bait any flower beds that are up against the home.

If this is the first treatment and we have to come inside, there is a one-time initial fee of $50. We will come inside the home free of charge any time after the first service as long as the customer has not skipped any of the pest services.

We keep them out, so there will be no need for us to come back or go inside. That is why we guarantee all our pest services and offer free service calls between treatments.