How To Prevent Ants In Your Home

January 7, 2019

Got ants? Don’t worry! As a pest control service, we can confirm that that ants happen to even the cleanest of homes.


While cleaning and keeping your home well cared for will help keep ants out, it won’t make your home ant-proof. Here are a few things you should know about preventing and getting rid of ants.

Stay on top of small maintenance issues in your home.

Ants like moisture. So it is very important that you seal all leaky pipes as soon as possible. Make a habit to check under sinks for signs of ants. A quick clean will help make the area unappealing to ants.

Ants get into homes through small cracks and holes. It is important to seal all cracks and holes in your with the proper sealant.

Clean food quickly.

Word travels fast in an ant colony. Make sure to wipe up spills before an ant has a chance to carry evidence back to the colony. Depending on the season, ants look for sugar, protein, oily fats, and more. Anything that makes a mess needs to be cleaned up quickly.

Clean damp areas often.

Since ants are attracted to moist environments, the most common area in your home to look for them is in showers and along window sills. Ants look for anywhere that moisture accumulates easily. While you are cleaning, pay special attention to these areas.

Use an all-natural cleaner to make the area undesirable to ants. Got some extra lemons? One popular anti-ant cleaner, that smells great to humans but not to ants, is a lemon spray.

Take 4 lemons, slice them up and add them — rinds and all — to about a half gallon of water. Use this solution to spray down door frames, windows. You can even mop the floors with it.