How To Care For Your Lawn In The Winter

January 7, 2019

Take good care of your lawn during the end of fall and the beginning of winter. This will set you up for beautiful landscaping when warm temperatures come around again.


Use a fertilizer.

The grass may not be growing during the winter, but it sure is busy getting ready to grow. The nutrients you provide your grass with will help make it healthy for the growing season. Make sure you get the correct fertilizer for your grass. You should also be sure to follow the instructions.

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Cut the grass short.

Towards the end of fall, begin lowering your mower’s blade a little more each time you mow. You want your grass to be very short during the winter. This will allow the sun to get to the roots of the grass.

Deal with leaves.

Leaves need to be cleared off the lawn before the trees are done shedding their leaves. Leaves on the lawn will clump together and create a bad environment for your grass.

Raking many times over the fall might seem like extra work, but your beautiful lawn will be worth it.

Protect your lawn while it is dormant.

Now that winter is here and the grass is not growing, your lawn is very vulnerable to damage. It is important to pick up tools and toys off the grass. Make sure the grass area is free of all leaves.


Here are a few tips for protecting your lawn.

  • Make sure your sidewalk is clean accessible. It rarely snows in Arkansas. If it does, clear the sidewalk or designated walking space. Guests and family members will have an easier time navigating the whiteness.


  • Got kids? Fall is a great time to play outside. You don’t want to ruin their fun by putting caution tape around the yard. Make sure they do have plenty of space to play without disrupting your dormant grass. If you have really little kids, perhaps you could find a way into their make-believe world and tell them the grass is “sleeping” and shouldn’t be disturbed.  


  • Check the lawn for debris every day. Toys and tools get left out. A stormy season will bring other unwanted debris into your lawn. If you make it a habit to check that the lawn is clear, you’ll have a better chance at a lush green lawn in the spring.