Handy For These Fast-Growing Purple Weeds

December 17, 2018

As the weather gets warmer, pest control companies expect two things: rain and mosquitoes. The warmer weather and standing water from the rain creates the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed and scatter.


Protect your family, yourself, and your home from mosquitos with these few easy tips.


Keep your yard free from standing water, as best you can.

The most significant change you can make to eliminate mosquitoes in your yard is to be vigilant about standing water. Even a bottle cap full of water is enough to attract mosquitos.


Here are a few tips.


  • Keep your gutters clean. You don’t want water pooling up all around your home due to wet leaves and other debris.
  • Pick-up debris in your yard. Any toy, tool, or piece of trash can have crevices large enough for standing water. Don’t take any chances, pick up your yard every evening.
  • Hire some full-time help. Birds eat mosquitos. Ducks or chickens in your yard can significantly reduce the amount of mosquitos. If you have ponds or even lakes on your property, do something to help maintain the population of fish and frogs. They eat mosquitos, too.
  • Find standing water? Eliminate any mosquito eggs by scattering coffee grounds over it. If you are using coffee grounds for compost, now is a great time to add it to your potted plants. Just do some research first to make sure your plants are coffee-friendly.

Protect yourself.

Our sense of smell has the strongest link to memories, so the smell of DEET or citronella candles takes many people back to summer fun — and fighting off mosquitoes. DEET is the go-to for repelling mosquitoes from your person, but there are a few things you should know.


  • Any product you use should not contain more than 50% DEET.
  • If you are sensitive to deet — emotionally or because of your skin, picaridin is the recommended alternative.
  • DEET sprays and lotions are not your only option. There are several new ways people are using to repel mosquitos. This includes bracelets and anklets.
  • While DEET is safe, there are many natural ingredients you can use in its place. Look into essential oils, natural bug spray, and more.
  • Catnip may be as much as 10x as effective as DEET. The science is still pending. Perhaps they are conferring with their feline emissaries before going to market.

Plant some growth.

Humans and mosquitoes have drastically differing opinions when it comes to plants. Some of our favorites are also some of the best mosquito repellents. It depends on your climate and gardening skills.


Here are a few plants to look in to.


  • Lemon balm.
  • Basil.
  • Catnip.
  • Marigold.
  • Ageratum.
  • Horsemint.
  • Lemongrass.
  • Chrysanthemum.
  • Garlic.
  • Lavender.
  • Rosemary.
  • Eucalyptus.