Fun Games To Enjoy Your Beautiful Lawn In The Summer

April 22, 2019

Here are some fun, summer games you can play in your lawn. With some professional lawn care and a little pest control, who wouldn’t want to get out and enjoy it!


1. Take almost any game and make it larger.

Take games like Jenga and Kerplunk to a whole new level. You have your whole yard to play your favorite tabletop game. Why not make it larger?


You could keep it simple and play tic tac toe or a matching game on your fresh green grass. You could also go all out and equip your yard with a giant Four In A Row game (build it or get it on Amazon).


Set up an inventive game of beer pong — or orange juice pong? Read your audience — with trash bins filled with water and a volleyball. This is also a splashing way to keep cool on a hot Arkansas Summer Day.


2. Get moving!

Some of the individuals enjoying your yard might not be old enough to understand games yet. Or, perhaps you’ve been watching action movies all winter and just want to get moving!


Swings. Tire swing, rope swing, disc swing? Any swing is a must for a fun yard. Fly through the air, safely. Your kids will learn a little physics before even knowing that topic in school.


Slides. Get parent-of-the-year award by installing one of those slides that goes down from the deck to the yard. Fun for all ages!


Zipline. Use good judgment if you are considering installing a zip line in your yard. Good safety measures and proper equipment will leave you with a fun afternoon zipping through the air.


Get creative in your efforts to stay cool in the hot summer sun.

When you are playing in the yard you don’t have to worry about getting water on the hardwood flooring that you play on indoors. You can take advantage of the many fun games that involve ice and water.


A Frozen Challenge. Freeze toys and try to get them out. It is a great sensory game for little kids and a good challenge for older kids — including the adults supervising. Here are the full instructions.


Frozen T-Shirt Race. Whoever can defrost and put on the t-shirt first wins! Get the full directions and rules here.


Cup Races. This sounds like a fun, innovative game involving water guns and plastic cups. Aim the water guns at the cups to get them across the line fastest to win. Here is how.


Water Balloons. There are so many fun games you can play with water balloons. Don’t overthink it. Once water balloons start flying, the game is to burst more water balloons on the others then they get to burst on you.


Everyone wins by cooling down and getting some energy out.