Arkansas Weed Prevention

August 20, 2019

Your weed-free Summer lawn begins in the Fall. Pre-emergents are applied to the lawn in the spring and fall, while the grass is dormant, to prevent the germination of weed seeds.

The Fall applications begin in September to ensure that you have a good weed barrier before the ground reaches a steady temperature of 55 degrees. Some people refer to this as winterizing the lawn.

The Summer pre-emergents start in January. These applications must be down before the ground temperature exceeds 55 degrees.

“Weed and Feed” products which contain both pre-emergent and fertilizer in a single product should not be used on southern lawns or warm-season grasses. If applied when pre-emergent herbicide is needed, the fertilizer will keep the lawn from going dormant when it needs to. If applied after the lawn starts to “green-up”, weed seeds will have already germinated and the pre-emergent will be
ineffective. You also don’t want to start applying fertilizer before the turf is ready to completely come out of dormancy.

There are many different pre-emergents on the market, from very cheap to very expensive. We are proud to say we use the best on the market: Spectacle Flo and Barricade.

When choosing a lawn care company, please consider what product they spray and what rate they spray it.