4 Signs You Need to Call a Pest Control Service

July 23, 2019

Bugs and rodents are a normal part of life in the summertime, until they start to become a problem. Beetles, wasps, mice and other creepy, crawly creatures all have a part to play in our ecosystem, but that does not mean they belong in your home. If you let pests roam free in your house for too long, they can cause significant (and expensive!) damage. To stop this problem before it starts, here are five signs to look out for that indicate you need to call a pest control service as soon as possible.


Your home has too much moisture.

Puddles of condensation inside your home or even piles of damp, rotting wood near the exterior of your home can attract cockroaches and termites into your house and encourage them to stay. These types of bugs love dark, wet places, so if you notice that your HVAC is leaking or a fallen tree near your house is beginning to rot, it is time to call a pest control service. Even if you do not think you have a pest problem yet, one could develop right under your nose and be a lot more costly to fix. 


You see pests in the daytime.

Most bugs are great at hiding and only make appearances at nighttime when they are less likely to be spotted, so if you start seeing pests in your home during the daytime, you know you have a problem. You will start seeing bugs like roaches and ants when they migrate to different areas of your home, which indicates the problem is getting worse. Additionally, even seeing dead bugs inside your home still indicates that you need to call a pest control service.


You hear unexplained sounds

Have you heard any unexplained scratching behind your walls? Or the pitter-patter of tiny feet coming from overhead? This could indicate that you have mice, rats, or squirrels living inside your home. Not only do these creatures carry diseases that can harm your family, they can also cause damage to your walls and ceilings from the inside. Do not attempt to rid your home of these rodents yourself because you could be putting yourself in harm’s way. Instead, call a pest control service to handle these pests for you.


Your DIY methods have not worked

You likely already use some form of DIY pest control method, whether it’s traps, sprays, or other preventative measures. These measures can work if you are very proactive with them or you live in an area where pest infestations are uncommon. Yet, many people find that their DIY pest control methods are not sufficient to keep the pests at bay. A better, more reliable option is to call your local pest control service to utilize the most effective and safest methods of ridding your home of bugs and rodents.