3 Ways Shrub Services Can Help You Plant A Successful Herb Garden

May 7, 2019

1. We’ll take care of the big stuff so you have room to garden.

What is the shrub situation in your backyard? You may consider trimming back some of your other landscaping to allow for more sunlight.

The three things you should consider when choosing a spot for your herb garden is distance, sunlight, and space.

  • Distance: Plant your herb garden near your kitchen! This is for convenience AND to help you remember to take care of your growing herbs. The ideal spot is near a kitchen window. Keep tabs on how your garden is doing. What herbs need using?
  • Sunlight: Herbs need sunlight. Some need more than others. Your herbs will give you the best flavor when they are in an adequate amount of sunlight.
  • Space: Plants need to be at least 18 inches apart. You should organize your herbs by height. If you plant short herbs behind tall herbs, they will miss out on some precious sunlight.


2. A TNT expert will be by to help you with the fine art of harvesting.

To continue producing the savory flavors you love, your herb needs to be harvested. You must remove the usable growth to make room for fresh growth.

Harvesting is an art. We highly recommend doing some research on each of your herbs. Here are a few good rules of green-thumb.

  • Never — unless you have new plans for the herb — remove more than a third of the herb. Your third measurement should be taken against the plant as a whole.
  • Harvest in the morning. Your plant will have a full day of sunlight to recover.
  • Got herbs with flowers? Flowering herbs will add some beautiful color to your herb garden. All flowering herbs are different. In general, herb flavor is the best right before the flowers bloom.


3. We know soil and how to keep it healthy.

Just like your lawn needs to be aerated, your herbs need proper drainage. Central Arkansas is not known for our rich soil. Many gardeners opt to garden in pots or planters. A proper gardening pot or planter will have holes in the bottom to allow for water to drain out of the soil.

If your herbs sit in soggy soil for too long, their roots will begin to wither.

Your herbs will be doing most of the growing work on their own. What do they need from you? Water! Do some research so you know exactly how much water your herbs need and the frequency they need it at. A good watering routine is a key to growing delicious herbs.

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