3 Tips For Hosting The Best BBQ Of The Summer

May 7, 2019

Arkansas is no stranger to critters. During the summer we deal with all the pests and critters you can imagine. Right outside your home! Your lawn can be immaculate, but rendered completely un-enjoyable due to pests.


That’s why we recommend pest control to all our clients. When you’ve got Top Notch Turf doing your home pest control, you can enjoy your pest-free yard all day!

Why not throw a BBQ? Here are some tips for hosting a BBQ in Arkansas in the Summer.


1. Food.

A BBQ isn’t ALL about the food, but you can’t have one without it. Keep your menu simple. But don’t be afraid to show off your summer specialties.

Self-serve is the best way to do food at a BBQ. The meat on the grill will get done at different times. Guests can load up on sides as soon as they have their main dish.

Don’t forget about your vegetarian or vegan friends. It’s going to be a trick to make them feel welcome at a party that is all about cooking and eating meat. Perhaps offer vegetarian options to all your guests. See if anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to try something new.

If anyone offers to bring a side, say yes. Even if you don’t trust their cooking skills. There is something very welcoming about being part of creating a party. Plus, BBQs are mostly casual gatherings. No one is expecting a four course meal.

Tip: If this is your first BBQ, ask for help. Experience is the only way to truly learn the art of grilling.


2. Ice-Cold Drinks.

A self-serve drink station is perfect if you are serving alcoholic beverages, or if you have a selection of pressed juices you want to offer your guests. This is also much easier, for you and your guests than serving drinks from the food table.

BBQs are notorious for running out of ice. Add the excess heat of an Arkansas summer, and you’ll be making ice runs every hour!

There is a better way. Plan ahead. Store-up as much ice as you can before the event. Even if it means asking for space in your neighbor’s freezer.  


3. Fun.

What makes a BBQ fun? It depends on your audience. If you are hosting families with younger children, offer games. If this BBQ gets large enough, you may want to consider hiring a babysitter to watch kiddos while the parents relax.

Don’t forget music! Is there anyone on the guest list who wouldn’t mind playing a few songs live?

Sound fun? Give Top Notch Turf a call. We know what bugs to treat your lawn for.

You can host BBQs or garden parties all summer.


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