3 Summer Lawn Care Tips

July 23, 2019

Summertime is many people’s favorite season, as it brings family and friends together with fun outdoor activities, like hosting barbecues and playing lawn games. Yet, it is not all fun and games. In order to partake in those activities, it is essential to keep your lawn in tip-top shape for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Here’s how:


Water Wisely

Most lawns need at least one inch of water per week, and even more when it is extremely hot outside. You can use a rain gauge to keep track of how much water your lawn is getting from nature, and you can use that to determine if you need to give your lawn even more water. If you do need to water, be sure to do it early in the day to reduce evaporation, and also try to water deeply and less frequently to encourage your roots to be more tolerant to drought. And, if you accidentally let your lawn turn brown during the summer, do not worry and do not attempt to “bring it back to life” by over-watering it. Just leave it be and it will recover once the weather changes in the fall.


Mow Regularly

A healthy lawn is not necessarily super short. In fact, you should raise your mower blade in the summertime because longer grass is tolerant to droughts, grows deeper roots, and helps prevent weeds from growing. Cool-season grasses should be cut at 3”- 4” in the summertime, while warm-season grasses should be mowed at 2”- 3”. You should also be sure to mow regularly, which is about once a week during peak summertime, and once every two weeks when the weather starts to cool down a little bit. Additionally, it is imperative to check your mower blades and make sure they are sharp, otherwise your mower will just be tearing the grass instead of cutting it. 


Control the Weeds

If possible, it is ideal to kill many of the weeds before the summer season is in full-swing by using a post emergent herbicide, which kills broadleaf weeds without harming turf grass. Yet, this can only be applied when the temperatures will be lower than 85 degrees (F) for several days. If you are already past that point, you will have to put in a little more effort to control weeds because any kind of weed-killing product will damage your lawn grass in peak summertime. Instead, you will need to get a little dirty and pull out any weeds that are growing in your yard by hand. This should be done every day or at least every other day to keep the weeds from overtaking your yard. 

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