3 Questions You Might Have If You Are New To Landscaping With Shrubs

March 4, 2019

Ready to landscape your lawn? Don’t waste your budget and hard work with trial and error. If you’ve inherited — or just finally decided to deal with — a large or delicate shrub, you should hire a pro.


At Top Notch Turf we offer shrub pruning services to residents in central Arkansas. Your lawn isn’t truly “top notch” if you aren’t satisfied with the landscaping. That includes your shrubbery.


A well-pruned shrub will blossom and grow just the way you want. If you don’t get the timing right, or know which limbs to remove, you could miss out on several seasons of healthy growth. Hiring a pro won’t break your budget. A professional pruning service can help ensure your shrub has your yard looking beautiful as ever.

1. What is pruning anyways?

To grow properly, trees and shrubs need to have branches trimmed back and even removed. This seems counter-productive. If you are trying to make something gro, why would you cut it back? The art of pruning allows the tree to grow strong. The healthy branches will have plenty of room to grow, without being weighed down.


This is also a handy life lesson. Sometimes you need to get rid of the unnecessary things in life will allow you to focus on what is really important — growing shrubs.

2. Are shrubs really that difficult to deal with?

How could they not be? We aren’t talking about the shrubs trimmed to look like woodland animals out of a children’s fairytale book. We are talking about the regular shrubs in your yard. Shrubs can be your centerpiece, or they can fill in the gaps and give your yard some privacy.


If you have a shrub, you need to decide what you want to do with it. Since shrubs grow slowly, it is not uncommon for homeowners to wake up one spring morning and discover half their yard has been taken over by shrub growth. If you dedicate a purpose, you won’t lose track as the growth advances.

3. Should I keep this shrub?

Shrubs, and any landscaping plant require work. If you don’t love your shrub, it needs to go. Your gardening work will be much more enjoyable (to do or pay for) if you like your plants.


Starting from scratch? Great! You have the chance to choose all your own. Many homeowners end up landscaping with what the previous homeowner left behind. The plants are not always ideal.


Do some research to determine what plant will do well and look good with the rest of your yard. You should also look into how much maintenance each kind of plant will need. If you are doing your own yard work, this could be a real tiebreaker.