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Take Your Lawn Up A Notch!

Lawn Services

All Turf Types

  • Spring pre-emergents to help prevent those tough summer weeds

  • New technology pre-emergents geared towards giving your lawn a relief from Doveweed

  • Complete, slow release fertilizers with a micro and marco nutrient blend

  • Fall pre-emergents to be sure you have the cleanest dormant lawn on the block

  • All applications include post-emergent weed control as needed to control weeds such as broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, and sedges 

  • Blowing off all areas where fertilizer is not supposed to be like your sidewalk, patio, or driveway

  • We will be glad to help you with how to get recovery in those thin or bare areas that went too long without TNT's TLC

  • Guidance on watering and mowing to get the most of your Top Notch lawn

St. Augustine Turf

  • Preventative Chinchbug applications and control applications for those that just wait a little too late to call us

  • Preventative and control applications for summer diseases such as a grey leaf spot

  • Preventative applications for brown patch when the conditions are favorable in spring and fall

Additional Lawn Services


  • Fire ant treatment with Top Choice giving you a one year guarantee

  • Control treatments for nuisance insects like fleas and ticks - Arkansas Only

  • Control treatments for turf damaging insects like grubs or spittle bugs

  • Chinch bug prevention and control are included in St. Augustine program


  • We will help protect and treat zoysia patch

  • Take-All patch can ruin your lawn we can help stop it and get it recovering

  • Brown Patch and Grey Leafspot diseases are included in St. Augustine program


  • Aerations help to reduce compaction in the lawn where dogs and kids pack the soil down

  • It also allows air, water, and fertilizer to penetrate down to the roots where they are needed


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Take Your Landscape Up a Notch

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